What is the legal limit tint for my car in california?

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The legal limit for tinting the windows of your car in California is 70% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) for the front side windows and 5% VLT for the rear side and back windows. This means that after you have applied window tint, no more than 70% of visible light can pass through on the front side windows and no more than 5% on the rear side and back windows. The California Vehicle Code also requires that a sticker must be affixed to each window or piece of glass covered with tinted film.

Sacramento Auto Tinting is here to help you select a quality window tint product that fits within California’s limits. Our experienced technicians use SunTek window films, which are some of the highest-rated automotive films in the industry, providing superior heat rejection, durability and clarity. SunTek films are available in a variety of shades ranging from clear to very dark charcoal so you can customize your ride without sacrificing visibility or safety.

If you are considering Sacramento Window Tinting for your car, it’s important to remember that darker tints require higher transmission values than lighter tints. In other words, if you want a darker tint, you need a higher VLT rating than if you choose a lighter shade. It’s also important to know that not all tints offer equal amounts of UV protection; SunTek window films block out 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays while still allowing natural sunlight into your vehicle’s interior.

At Sacramento Auto Tinting, we are committed to helping our customers find the perfect tint that fits their needs and requirements while staying within California’s legal limits. Contact us today to learn more about our SunTek window film products and get started on customizing your ride!

Why choose Quality Window Tinting in Sacramento and Roseville?

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Our top priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we take extra care when it comes to applying tints that will provide maximum visibility, durability, and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. For vehicles that are constantly exposed to sunlight, the right window tint will reduce glare by up to 99% while keeping your car cool in summer temperatures. SunTek window tints also offer superior protection against fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

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